June 6, 2012

DIY: Chevron (Arrow Head) Friendship Bracelets

Last Friday night Justyna called and asked I was doing in which I said "watching TV and making friendship bracelets". After I realized how sad my answer was, I finished my bracelet (I do hate leaving things half undone), picked her up, and we went out. Thanks, Justyna, for not allowing me to be a crazy friendship bracelet lady.

Here are the steps:

1. Separate the strands into 2 bunches: left and right. make sure the color orders are symmetrical.
2. Working your way from the most outer strand to the inner strand on the bunch, make two knots on each strand. Do it to the left and right bunches.
3. Once you worked your way into the middle, knot the two strands twice.
4. repeat step 2-4 until you get your ideal length.

They take a while to make but they make great projects when you're watching TV. Because if it so happen to be a bad episode then at least you got a bracelet out of it.