June 19, 2012

DIY: Friendship Bangles

I have some leftover strings from making friendship bracelets ("because you don't have friends!" - says you, zing!) so I bought some metal bangles from Value Village and dressed them up. The process is easy and it doesn't take very long. And if you get tired of it you can take it apart without damaging the bangle- I love these noncommittal DIYs.

Here are the steps:
1. Wrap the string around the bangle and knot it.

2. Start wrapping the string around the bangle and over the excessive string from the knot.

3. When you want to switch to a different string, knot another string with the previous and continue with step 2.

4. Once you are done, take some white glue and glue over the knots to keep it in place.

I made a few so I can stack them. They pretty much go with any summer outfits in my opinion. Have fun!
 {Photos by Travis and me; wearing DIY friendship bracelets, Alex & Ani bangles, DIY friendship bangles}