June 27, 2012

DIY: House of Harlow Inspired Head Harness

I've worn this head harness inspired by this House of Harlow piece a few times but never did a DIY post on it. I forgot. I'm a very forgettable person. Last week was my mom's birthday and I remembered because I set a calendar reminder on my phone. But she didn't know so a job well done for me! And without further ado here is the DIY for the harness.

Here are the steps

1. Here are the items you need to complete the project.

2. Measure the size of your head. Cut the thin chain to a length that wraps around your forehead. Cut another strand of the thin chain that is an inch and half longer. Connect both ends to a jump ring.

3. The length of the thicker chain will be the length from the front of your forehead to the back of your forehead. Cut and attach the thicker chain to the jump rings from the thin chains in step one.

And you are done! Have fun walking around aimlessly in an open field with you new headpiece. Just remember to put bug spray on or dryer sheet to repel the mosquitoes. Yes, dryer sheet works. Travis's grandma says so, and grandmas have no reason to lie.

 {Photos by Sabrina and me; wearing ASOS leopard wedges & cuffs, DIY head harness}