June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Like Fievel Goes West, this is the boat in which we took to Canada where I packed my belongings in one little duffle bag and carried it with a stick. Just kidding. We took the plane. This is just a picture of my dad and I hanging out in Taiwan somewhere.

Happy father's day! And thanks dad, for always being there financially that I can focus on being a strong and independent woman. I will always remember the day I came home in tears telling you how much my life sucks because I failed a test, broke up with my ex and got a speeding ticket on the way home in which you said "It's not a big deal. I will pay for your ticket and you will find a taller and better looking boy."

Edit: Answering your hair question, my hair is naturally straight, my grandma just really liked to perm my hair like Nick Jonas for some reason.