June 11, 2012


{Photos by Justyna; wearing ASOS ankle cuffs, Naughty Monkey sandals, Aritzia blouse, Vero Moda top}

I bought these ASOS cuffs that were too big for my wrist so I decided to wear them as ankle cuffs. They go surprisingly well with these Naughty Monkey Pop Candy sandals which I've been wearing everyday.

And yes, I'm "one of those little people" that shopped in Abercrombie kids until I was 20. My parents also saved a few bucks when they constantly passed me as a 11 year old to amusement parks until I was 13 in which my lost dignity was replaced with the bribe of cotton candy- dignity tasted so sweet and delicious.

♫ ♪ Shimmer - Boyce Avenue feat. Tyler Ward (cover)