July 11, 2012

DIY: Ombre Maxi

I was obsessed with this dress from Planet Blue for a while, except I really can't justify spending that much money on a dress. So I made my own version out of my existing BB Dakota dress. Reuse, re-love while saving money- great idea in general!

Here are the steps:

1. Buy fabric dye from the store and get a big pot with water. Split the dye into 3 containers. You will be dumping each container into the pot separately.

2. Dump the first container of dye into the pot, place the dress into the water evenly. Wait 15 minutes, pull up the dress to desired length and dump the second container of dye into the pot, repeat process again and for the 3rd container of dye.

After the dying job is done, rinse with cold water and let it dry... And you have yourself an DIY ombre dress for $5!
{Photos by Travis and me; wearing ASOS cuffs, DIY Ombre BB Dakota dress, heels from Tokyo (thanks dad!)}