July 27, 2012

In The Garden

{Photos by Justyna and me; wearing DIY Kimono cardigan, Aritzia faux leather shorts, Derek Cardigan sunglasses via Clearly Contacts}

Hungover from Coldplay goodness in Montreal last night, so I'm leaving you with these pictures of my new Derek Cardigan sunglasses- polarized sunglasses really do make a difference!

I put a shirt on after these shots not because I'm a societal conformist and I shave my legs to fulfill my female obligation (I just don't want to play the game of "if you don't shave I don't shave" as it gets ugly, pun intended), my belly button just gets cold when it's not covered... and I still manage to cover them here. Fancy that!

♫ ♪ Blinding - Florence & The Machine