July 29, 2012

{Published} Ottawa Citizen Style: DIY At The Cottage

{Photos by me}

No, I am not the Asian on the front cover. Har har. You laugh at my nonchalant Sunday morning hangover joke but there's quite a number of people in Ottawa who can't tell Asians apart and think when two Asian females are together we must be related. Poor Sabrina, though our friendship extend far beyond the boundaries of lookbook dress-up I doubt she want my crazy incoherent ass as a sister. So please, Ottawa, Make cue cards if you must, put Sabrina out of this inception state creepier than the creepy baby in the opening ceremony

Asian lecture aside, above is a DIY piece I wrote for Ottawa Citizen Style Magazine summer issue I thought I'd share. While I am aware that summer is half over, it is also summer, which translate to mojitos, outdoors, sun, and booze and dudes. I ain't a robot produced by Blogger Incorporated- underneath the fashion there lies raging hormones with a feel to abuse a hall pass.