August 16, 2012


{Photos by Sabrina; wearing Charles & Grace harness, Aritzia faux leather shorts, Tibi tank, Isabel Marant sneakers}

Dangling around in my body harness from Charles & Grace over the weekend, as fashion is rarely about function, and more about the ooohs of unnecessary things. After all, I ain't a rock climber or an acrobat, or a kinky sex kind of girl. And now you know, that I'm traditional like that. TMI?! Never!

And yes, my ring says "USUCK", as I like the option of giving people the middle finger in various methods. Can you put a price on telling someone off in some fashionable way? It appears so.


  1. oh I love this ring :-)
    you look fabulous

  2. I love your sewatshirt, I love it! *w*
    So niiice <3
    Very cool outfit :D
    The ring is cool as well, I want one, haha :D


  3. your style is always sooo pulled together and so nice! i love your blazer though. is it simply dyed or what? my eyes registers it as galaxy-esque! :D

  4. Love your style here! Really like your sporty outfit plus tough accessories!

  5. Why hello there, gorgeous ; D Long time no see! So busy here in Korea (busy being SICK is more like it..) How've you been? You obviously look stunning as always.. I love the cap on you btw! : P

  6. I love your shorts and the hat! I can never pull of baseball hats but you do it famously! :)

  7. Lovely pictures! You make my workplace look so stylish!!

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    XO, Vera

  9. Love it! I love the claw bracelet and the USuck ring lol so bad ass :-)
    I'm definitely following your blog

  10. oh you look great in that body chain - it's really quite stunning. and your sheer shirt is the prettiest print ever

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. the usuck ring is awesome sauce!

  12. Thanks for your insightful comment. I love love love your top! Not a fan of chains but you carry yours with aplomb.

  13. Ha ha, I love that ring!! I did a double take to my computer screen when I saw it! Classic lol!!!

  14. Cool look and what a useful ring. If only you had it ready for all your teachers, when you were in school...

  15. haha, that usuck ring would come in handy when driving!

  16. haha yeah i agree fashion isnt really about function, if it was, high heels wouldn't exist! that jacket is lovely - where is is from?

    steph /

  17. I wonder if anyone makes a ring that says usuck in reverse image, so the bruise would read correctly if hit with it??? The dangle is appealing. :)

  18. Haha this outfit is so awesome. From the wedged sneakers to that USUCK ring!
    And there's my fave galaxy jacket again. Stunning!

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    Trendy Teal

  19. You rock my socks! I love your ring haha. Your outfit is totally sick :)

    xx maggie

  20. ohhh you look so bad ass but girly in this outfit. i freaking love it! and the usuck ring is sooooo funny! you can definitely say eff you in different ways.

  21. A jeweled body harness...definitely fun and it totally works on you! I'm also jealous of your Isabel Marant sneakers. So cute!


  22. Great outfit... I do like the harness ;) But I have to ask... where is your cool galaxy jacket from??

  23. love that galaxy print!!! so eclectic!!! so chic!

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