August 2, 2012

DIY: Split Side Tank

I've preferred tanks over tees since that day my parents finally lost the battle of banning sleeveless tops. I was 14 and felt so liberated. There are unspoken obligations of being Asian and one is being modest in the way you dress, in which according to my parents, showing off the shoulders is a no-no. Don't you know your shoulders can be a boxer creamer? Boys get naughty thoughts when they look at your bare shoulders. Gosh!

Continuing my shoulder liberation comes the rib liberation of making split side tanks. Because shoulders is done, let's flash the ribs now.

Here are the steps:

1. You would need a t-shirt that is too large for you. I got this one from the men's section at Value Village.

2. Cut one side to the desired length. Always cut higher and in smaller chunks than you think as once it's cut off it's gone.

3. Fold the shirt in half, trace the cut on one side on the incomplete side and make your cut.

And look ma! Head and shoulders ribs and legs, ribs and legs, ribs and legs! (She's going to kill me when she visits this weekend...)
 {Photos by Justyna and me; wearing ASOS leopard booties, DIY split side tank, Coach sunglasses, thrifted belt}