August 26, 2012


{Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 1. Aquarium du Québec 2. Brunch with Justyna, LoveK and baby Dubs 3. Cherry Pie 4. Beach with my West49 gear 
5. Downtown Québec 6. Coldplay concert in Montreal 7. Turbo 8. Mosaika at Parliament 9. Mercedes-Benz Start Up}

Photos from my Twitter taken with my Blackberry. Most times I carry around my SLR like my precious (except a single drop from the precious probably didn't cost Gollum $300 to repare) but once in a while cellphone cameras do fulfill the duty of pointing and shooting and infiltrate our oohs and awws. Special thanks to West49 for their care summer package that made me beach prepared, and let's be BFF on Twitter?