August 24, 2012

Some Procrastination

{Photos by Justyna; wearing vintage boots, Fitzroy lace cardigan, Jill Sander sunglasses}

Sometimes when I feel like a douche I pretend to be waiting for the bus while getting my pictures taken. If the bench could talk it would have asked "Why are you waiting for a bus that doesn't come on a weekend? You're crazy." And I would reply in my Jill Sander sunglasses: "I'm all shades of crazy, do you not read my twitter?".

These sunglasses do make me all shades something, like, I never noticed polarized frames make such a difference. So salute to my Ozzy coaster frames and Sunglasses Shop with their batmobile speed shipping.


  1. Hhahaha, I pretend to straighten my clothes, as if I have something important to do to them >.<
    Love the outfit! The booties are so cool!

  2. I love that you must be feeling like a douche today! LOL! YOu look great and I love the lace cardigan and the beautiful vintage boots! xx Pip

  3. omg super like your outerr!

  4. beautiful! <3
    I love you shorts:)
    I follow you:D

  5. Hahah you are hilarious. I know, I hate pretending to do things just for a photo op, people are like, what is wrong with you. Love that cardi on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. loving this mix of soft and rough

  7. i always love how you take your pictures.
    looks so natural even if you are 'pretending' to wait for the bus:)

  8. Love ur outfit . and the boots :))

  9. Oh man girl, you are back with another awesome outfit! Hope you feel better - that last post made me sympathize with you actually. Fake people can really wear a person down.
    But anyway, back to this outfit. Aha, love the pretty crochet kimono over the rocker tee. Such a cool combo. Plus, the shades! ;)

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    Trendy Teal

  10. Haha, in my photos, I always pretend I'm having a great time, even if I'm at school. XD

  11. Doesn't that silly bench know that pretending to wait for a bus is the most fun thing you can do?

    Love that outfit!!

  12. Well at least you aren't sitting at a stop where the bus is going to come and you say "I just want some pictures of me sitting at the stop, pretending to wait for the bus that is just down the street now" Not sure what the bench would think of that. What I'm sure it is thinking is how wonderful your boots are.

  13. love the outfit spesially the outerwear! ur gorgeous!

  14. Lovely! Like your lace cardigan!

  15. ohhh this looks really comfy! and taking photos at a bus stop is all gooooood! have a lovely weekend!

  16. I always find procrastination leads to creation...

  17. haha, funny! Love your shorts and the GnR shirt!

  18. oh my god, i LOVE your blog! seriously girl - not only do you rock the outfits but you are hilarious too! confession, when i feel like a douche while taking photos, i pretend to check my watch as if i was waiting for someone to come meet me and i am just wasting time until they show up.
    thanks for the comment on my blog! following you now on GFC. i think we are kindred blog spirits here, wanna follow back?


  19. I love this outfit way too much! you look ready for Coachella!!! Rock on sista! xo

  20. love your outfit..the boots are fab!

  21. sometimes you just have to do crazy things to find a good spot for your posts. completely understand. love your layered outfit!


  22. I love your lace cardigan over a band tee. So cute. I feel silly taking pics in public places too sometimes but hey, they turned out super awesome!


  23. You know what?
    I heart your boots hahaha
    But your outfit look so great :)
    Love it!


  24. you absolutely look great ..all through this times.. i miss ur blogs ad pictures girl.. sorry its been a while busy with being a preggers :)..

    loved ur boots and jeans shorts! ur lovely!! take care..

  25. Lace Cardigan. Your outfit reminds me of a modern fashionable cowgirl! <3

    Ericka from The Philippines

  26. I love the lace cardigans oh and if the bench could talk, it would say, "you look awesome ;)"

  27. Love the fringe top and cardigan!
    xo Annie

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