September 29, 2012

Be Jeweled

It started when Meaghyn's e mail fell into my proverbial inbox lap which resulted a visit to the Swarovski store in Bayshore mall. Being a fan of bold, chunky pieces conclude my natural drawn Swarovski's Kingdom of Jewels collection. The collection consist hints of rock and baroque, and some shiny porn for your eyeballs. The collection show a transgression of Swarovski from cute crystal figurines to large chunky rocks on your neck and wrist.

And of course, eye also spy the cute Swarovski charms that make a hell of a shiny bracelet of  strawberries and bubble gums. The crystal pendants also make simple but catchy earrings, as catchy as Taylor Swift's "We Will Never Ever Get Back Together". And versatile too- I'm sure you can find a spot to wear them just as easy as a guy to send that song to.

Last but not least, concluding a Swarovski post with some of these jewelled puppets. I would love one of these on my bag, or keychain, or dangle it on my pelvis. Ya-de-da.

{Photos by me; visit Swarovski at Bayshore Shopping Mall, 100 Bayshore Dr}