September 16, 2012

Booting Up

Boots are a necessity in Canada but the idea of boots got little to do with penguin hunting or whatever beaver fairytales I hear from none Canadians. True, boots like ones from La Canadienne has to do with winter and snow, but admittedly I’m more drown to them through my notion of prissyness, with my toes turning purple and having that icky feeling of stepping my socks on my pant leg after it has been dipped in salt melted snow.

And these La Canadienne winter boots does all that and more. Began 45 years ago in Montreal, La Canadienne has been creating comfortable and versatile boots against winter, giving feet happiness to be warm and dry in which is heavily underrated if you’ve never lived in a cold ass climate- It gets pretty hard to jaywalk or run from a mugger when you can’t feel your toes. We’ll put it at that.