September 24, 2012

Don't Give A Damn

I was extremelly upset last week, I looked like a mess at work and I was eating nothing but oreos because that was all I had appetite for. Eventually the sane Julie kicked in. What's going to happen? I really want to do X, but expected to do Y, what will people think? yadda yadda. But, WHO CARES?

That day I went on a unfriend rampage on Facebook and unfriended 300 people.

While I should be diplomatic, I'm at a point where I need to declutter the noise if I want to move forward with my life. At the end of the day, I really don't care about someone who I crossed paths with years ago, we disliked each other, but we are "friends" on facebook? Why!?

I am unfriending you because I don't care about your updates consist of redundant instagrams and that you can afford not to have a real job and do yoga all day. I don't care that I once went on a date with you if I didn't bother to call you back, why should I now care about your status updates?

I am unfriending you because all you send me are club invites and want me to vote for you for some online contest. They are annoying. And if we never hang out or talk outside social functions, why do you expect me to care or support you now?

I don't want to unfriend you. The only memories I have of you are when you and your friends picked on me in middle/high school and now your life is a mess and you look like a mess and I chuckle when you pop up on my news feed. But, that is petty of me so I am unfriending you.

I am unfriending you because you say a lot of dumb things that piss me off.

I am also unfriending you because I can, and it makes me feel powerful.

Try it out, you REALLY do feel better after. I promise.