September 7, 2012

Go Diet

{Photos by Travis and me; wearing Urban Outfitters sweater, Club Monaco belt, Ray Ban wayfarer, Osolee necklace}

Upon arriving at my house yesterday was a huge package at my door in which I thought "oh no, there better not be a limb in there". That's a sign for watching too much CNN. I held my breath preparing for the worst (since dead people/things smell) as I opened the box, and saw a sparkly pink balloon inside.

I gushed out an "Aww" thinking someone lurvsss meeee omgomg while Taylor Swift started playing in my head with pink bubblegum and crushed strawberry lollipops, and as the balloon floated out of the box I noticed "HOLT RENFREW CELEBRATING 175 YEAR WITH DIET COKE".

My secret lover is the PR folks at diet coke. #foreveralone #highschoolflashback

Marking Holt Renfrew's 175 years of success and all things fabulous these limited edition bottles will be available at the stores this month. Single bottle at $1.75, 6 pack at $6.99, my #foreveralone story: priceless.