September 3, 2012

Place d'Orleans Vlogger Search

Over the weekend Place d'Orleans hosted a vlogger party for me and 9 other bloggers in town. It was a lot of fun hanging with familiar faces, eating food from Thyme & Again, getting our make up done as well having your own male model carrying our bags while we shopped. Yes, the guy with me above is a hired male model- I ain't no Stiffler's mom... yet.

From now until end of September, Place d'Orleans is hosting the vlogger contest where the winner will receive $300/month to spend at the mall and vlog about it, like I did here. The best part: they let you vlog anything. As you can see from mine. Some might dub me as insane but I was surprisingly practical with fulfilling my 2012 new year resolution... Better late than never.

And just for the sake of entering, copy and paste the link of your video in comment below and you might win $50 gift card for Place d'Orleans. For more information check our their Facebook page.