October 15, 2012

Bad Habits

{Photos by Sabrina; wearing Isabel Marant booties, thrifted coat, Halston Heritage clutch, U2 concert tee}

This shirt is one of the oldest piece of clothing I own. It's from U2's How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb tour back in 2005. I'm lazy lately. I'm taking pictures in a shirt that I sleep in and didn't even bother to do my hair!

The other day I realized that living on my own for the past 4 years has given me some bad habits:

- Eat things out of the container. It saves a dish to wash.

- Pick things up with my toes when my arms can't reach.

- Don't give a damn what my neighbors see through my window.

- Lounge in pajamas all day, play video games, eat Oreos, then realize it's midnight and time for bed again.

- Talk and laugh at jokes I crack to myself.

- Watch TV and tear for no good reason, like when Justin Bobby broke Audrina's heart for the 100th time on The Hills and she can't get over him. I know that feeling, Audrina.

- Answer the door and they ask for my parents because I look 15 with my PJs, hair undone and no make up.

My parents would not approve and sometimes I am afraid that I will never be able to live with another person because I will scare them off with my bad habits. But this is what liberation is about.


  1. LOL I love laughing at my own jokes too : P I do it all the time.. my friends think I'm weird. Or well.. they KNOW that I'm weird. Kekeke

  2. Love this whole look. Relaxed comfortable rocker look.

    HAHA when I'm home alone I find myself talking and laughing to myself. And even when my fiance is home I don't care what my neighbors see and I cry during shows lol


  3. Haha, bad habits are there to keep and turn into special traditions ;-) Well, that's what I keep telling myself. I also pick up things with my toes, am too lazy to do the dishes (so yes I also eat out of containers) and I spend at least two whole days in pajamas.

    Those pictures are effortlessly cool and I adore them.



  4. Love the edge the beanie adds to the outfit! I can relate to some of those bad habits haha!!
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo
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  5. hahaha I feel you! I'm being VERY lazy lately as well since I graduated from college :/ not healthy at all! haha

    I love this funky look of yours<3 effortless beautiful!! ..and GORGEOUS booties!


    ps. where exactly are you from? I'm so curious about Asian culture lately :)

  6. Cool outfit! Love the bag!



  7. I totally pick things up with my toes too, haha! You look amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Awesome jacket and studded booties ♥

    Trendy Teal

  9. Absolutely love these booties! And, picking things up with your toes and laughing at your own jokes when no one else is around are totally not bad habits! You definitely aren't alone in these.


  10. LOLOL my habits are just like yours.. No shame, no game B)
    And even though you didn't do your hair you still look awesome!

  11. Haha, none of those habits are scary--but I would close the curtains/blinds/shades for privacy. I wouldn't want to neighbors to see me plotting against them. :)

    It's not fair that you can roll out of bed, put on a hat, and look amazing. Boo!!! ;P

  12. Haha my bad habits include watching The Hills too and yelling at Luaren to stop being so needy! Thinking about it, I do a lot of the same things as you.

  13. I am somewhat sheepishly admitting that I totally exhibited at least two of these habits when living on my own too - no shame!

  14. ur shorts are cuute!! and ur shoes are beautiful <33 em!!

  15. oh my god. sometimes when I cant grab it with my toes, ill just roll over to where ever i need to go.

    p.s what is the weather like in Otown? ARE YOUR LEGS NOT COLD

  16. Oh man, I have some bad habits and I live at home with my parents. I love lazy days. I need the Hills on DVD. I miss that show.

  17. The first thing I noticed were your boots and OF COURSE they're Isabel Marant! Great rock 'n' roll look.


  18. Love your style this look is awesome!
    Would love it if we follow each other?


  19. Great look! Love your shorts =)


  20. i like your outfit julie. :) go liberation! on the phone people think i'm a kid too. in person i'm too old looking, for them to make that mistake. i did not like that justin/bobby.

  21. haha- I do most of those things and have lived with the boyfriend for over three years, so I guess they can be really hard habits to break :) I love your outfit!

  22. So glad I'm not the only one who doesn't care if they're neighbours can see through the windows. Love the location of this shoot - World Exchange Plaza has never looked so good!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  23. Hilarious post. I love how stylish you look despite saying you feel lazy.