October 15, 2012

Bad Habits

{Photos by Sabrina; wearing Isabel Marant booties, thrifted coat, Halston Heritage clutch, U2 concert tee}

This shirt is one of the oldest piece of clothing I own. It's from U2's How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb tour back in 2005. I'm lazy lately. I'm taking pictures in a shirt that I sleep in and didn't even bother to do my hair!

The other day I realized that living on my own for the past 4 years has given me some bad habits:

- Eat things out of the container. It saves a dish to wash.

- Pick things up with my toes when my arms can't reach.

- Don't give a damn what my neighbors see through my window.

- Lounge in pajamas all day, play video games, eat Oreos, then realize it's midnight and time for bed again.

- Talk and laugh at jokes I crack to myself.

- Watch TV and tear for no good reason, like when Justin Bobby broke Audrina's heart for the 100th time on The Hills and she can't get over him. I know that feeling, Audrina.

- Answer the door and they ask for my parents because I look 15 with my PJs, hair undone and no make up.

My parents would not approve and sometimes I am afraid that I will never be able to live with another person because I will scare them off with my bad habits. But this is what liberation is about.