October 19, 2012

Coon And Stuff

{Photos by Sabrina; wearing Sperry Top-Sider via Little Burgundy, Zara pants, Sheinside sweater}

These loafers are Sperry Top-Sider from Little Burgundy. The leopard side details are awesome. Busting out my coon hat because it's that time of the season again. And just letting you know that I buy my furs second hand, except this raccoon on my head that tried to hump my rabbit Turbo when I kept him outside.

Okay okay, it wasn't this particular raccoon that tried to hump Turbo, but I did catch two trying to get into his cage, why would wild animals volunteer to get into a confined space!? Because they were going to gang doodle his skittles! Pervs. So one of their distant cousins paid for it- don't mess with me and Turbo.