November 12, 2012

Be True

Last week I went out with someone and had a nice time. When he picked me up this weekend his car stunk of smoke. He lied about smoking to get a date with me. Perhaps he lied hoping I could see past the smoking, but all it took was his initiation of holding my hand for me to realize I don't want anything to do with a him.

There is no need to lie about what you do and who you are. Don't worry about others judging you because chances are, they already have. And if you care that much of what others think, think of it this way: People may believe the fake front for a while, but will be even more judgmental when they discover the lies.

We all have flaws and aren't made to be with with every single person, so be true to yourself. Even pets dislike other pets for no reason. So I can't stand a chain smoker. I'm sure lots can't stand a hot tempered chick who while clipping her finger nails walked out of the bathroom and forgot to clip the last finger (happened last night).

Your imperfections make you unique, your mistakes make your identity. And if someone genuinely likes you, they will like you regardless. I think you're perfect the way you are. As flaky as you can be, as much as you cancel plans, as annoyed as I am with you at times- I don't care and I still like you.