November 21, 2012

DIY: Printed Book Art

I'm reinventing my living space one step at a time, and since it's getting old and wet outside I've had plenty of time to do so. I get lazy in winter, it's pretty much video games, catching up on TV shows and reading for me. Good for saving money though.

Here are the steps

Take a page out of your book and draw! I used color pencils and a black ink pen for these... And a book you don't mind missing a few pages. Sorry Blackberry, I'm not going to read up on Blackberry when that I work with you everyday during my spare time.

Here are the pictures that I drew. The frog was for a friend, as he was looking for art for his place. The rest are currently in my bathroom and workroom.

Cheap way to get some new art for my work room (here it is before), don't you think!? You can't get anymore unique and personal with art than ones you make yourself!

* To those who asked about where I got my decorations: Cameras are from the antique market on Bank St, teacups, the head, and the porcelain jug are from Value Village (I'm big on thrifting), and the angels are from Cambodia.