November 19, 2012

Greetings from Mom

Admittedly I haven't been happy or been myself since September. My mom eventually heard about it and sent me this really nice e mail I thought I'd share. Thanks mom.

Dear Julie,

Please do not be sad for some unpleasant things. A good relationship is that not only you love him, but he loves you as well. It means that he will sacrifice anything for you without any excuses. For example, your father is used to doing the housekeeping, cleaning, gardening, cooking, and driving without arguments. he encouraged me to achieve my goals without hesitations.

This year I participated in walking groups and met new friends. They told me about themselves such as that they divorced because their husbands had girl friends, they got married but their husbands did not want to have any children... Anyway, if you get marriage, you will be in a room without windows. Every morning when you wake up, the room will get darker. So, why not you enjoy your single life? Unless some one wants to sacrifice for you, you do not need to waste your precious time and love for him. It is not worthy it!

I have many friends in Taiwan who admire you because you are beautiful, talented, nice, and have a good job, a house, and a car. Please enjoy your life which not many young people own it. You have many opportunities and the privilege. Many friends of your at church have no money and struggle to earn a living. Compared to them, you shall count your many blessings right now. We are always proud of you.

Please remember: You look beautiful because you are confident, content, enjoyable, and pleasant which attract more people to make friend with you. Like a positive spiral, you will feel better, bright, and happy.

Take good care of yourself!