November 26, 2012

I'm Not Interested In You In That Way

{Photos by Sabrina, wearing Olena Zylak toque, Isabel Marant booties, Forever 21 sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag}

I met a guy who is an aviation mechanic. No doubt it's a neat job. Except he took me to the Aviation Museum on a date and kept pointing at planes saying "I worked on that". Who does that!? Does a doctor take his date to the hospital, point at a patient's kidney and say "I worked on that"? Does a lawyer take his date to the courtroom? Do I take my date to a cellphone store to look at Blackberries? Dafuq.

The toque is from Olena Zylak, %100 handmade in Canada, and will be showcasing at the upcoming Originals show in Ottawa. They can be purchased at Clothes by Muriel Dombret and Delilah. I dub this my 2012 Christmas toque.