November 15, 2012

Skipping Out

{Photos by Sabrina; wearing Jacob moto jacket, Chanel bag, Isabel Marant booties, J Crew henley}

Today I have to talk at a high school class about fashion blogging where I will stuff as many “fashionista” and “passion for fashion” in one “raw, edgy” way. Then I will get my allergy test done after 6 months of waiting to see if I am allergic to…. I don’t know. Obviously not significant else I'd be dead by now. I went out with this Italian guy who is allergic to gluten the other day. Holy smokes, that’s like if I was allergic to rice. I totally judged.


  1. Good luck with the talk and with the allergy test sweetie, loving your cute bag!

    Bee happy x

  2. Good luck with allergy test. I hope it'll show nothing. I'm allergic to several blooming trees and it makes me feel insane in the middle of May.
    Good luck with fashionista class as well!
    very nice look, esp. your tights!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. All the best with the fashion talk at said high school and the allergy tests. Looking fashionable in the photos too.

  4. Wow!!! Wow!!! What an incredible ensemble!

    I hope you have a blast with the high school kids! maybe you can convince them to wear something besides jeans?

  5. And how was your presentation? :)
    You look awesome! Love your jacket and I want to steal you that gorgeous and lovely 2.55...



  6. Adore your jacket & skirt. Good luck with your talk!
    Have a fab Thursday Hun xoxo

  7. You look stunning, I love that skirt and those fabulous tights. I hope you find out you're not allergic to anything. Or if you have to be allergic, I hope it's something random that you would never care about... like bees.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Good luck with your talk today! Love the outfit, where did you get the tights?


  9. Your outfits are always so beautiful! Good luck with the talk:) x

  10. Cool outfit,love your style! Those tights are great!

  11. Love the tights!

  12. Love your tights <3

  13. Amazing criss cross tights - I love them! :)

    Trendy Teal

  14. Oh wow, what's not to love about this outfit? Your fantastic flared leather skirt, those cool tights and those KILLER booties, oooh, everything about this is wonderful. (I am just drooling over those boots, the studs are fantastic.)

  15. Your blog is so cool, and you're so funny!! Thank you for leaving me a sweet comment. I'll be following you from now on. By the way, awesome outfit!

  16. I don't even really have to tell you that I like the outfit- its a given. What I do have to tell you is "I went out with this Italian guy who is allergic to gluten the other day. Holy smokes, that’s like if I was allergic to rice. I totally judged" Ahahahahaha you are the best!

  17. I really, really love this outfit. The tights are so, so pretty!! <3
    I hope the allergy test will have a good result for you!!


  18. Your tights are perfect! Love them. :]

  19. I love your outfit! The scenery is lovely too. And I feel bad for your date. I wouldn't be able to eat all my favorite foods, if I was gluten intolerant...

  20. julie, nice mix of feminine with edge. i dig the whole look! ya, he probably has to eat rice pasta and special bread.

  21. Totes in love with those stockings, they are just amazing. That's fun that you're doing that! I'm sure they'd listen with your sense of style ^^

  22. "Don't judge" doesn't apply to dating. Judge, judge!!! :)

    Waiting six months for allergy testing is nuts. That won't happen in the US. Our version of universal health care turned out to be forcing everyone to buy health insurance. It's great for the insurance companies. It's crazy!

    I'm sure your talk went well--and your outfit inspired the girls (and boys).

  23. So cool that you spoke at a high school about fashion blogging! I'm still dying over your boots, and yes, it would be totally ironic if you were allergic to rice; one of my friends is (apparently) and I totally judge her for being less Asian ;)


  24. Gorgeous, hope the test comes out ok!! x

  25. At first glance I thought of High School girls in your outfit then when I read your post, you are giving a talk to high school students. Guess you chose the perfect outfit for it! Love the shoes so much :)

  26. Your tights are really awesome. Have fun talking to those high school kids--that sounds like it'll be quite funny.

    I'm happy I'm not allergic to would be such a freakin' pain. Hope you're not allergic either.

  27. This outfit is awesome!! i love the jacket and the tights are lovely!!
    I like a lot your style and blog, hope you can visit my blog and leave some comments.


  28. Thank you fir the kind comment
    You look fantastic- love the tights and skirt
    Hope your not too alergic to anything. I work in am operating theatre n I'm allergic to local anaesethic- whenever anyone had an injection I have ti steer clear

  29. Talking to a high school class about fashion blogging? You're a brave lady! Hope it went well!

  30. Good luck on your talk! You deserve to do one. I really love your blog. Love your tights!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  31. Hope the talk went well! I'm sure the students were just more focused on your lovely outfit!! Was it fashion class that you were speaking to?


  32. Love this outfit so much! I really like the colour of that jacket, but I'm too rough and unlady-like to keep something like that looking pristine in its original colour.
    The background of that pic is beautiful. Hope to visit some day.

    How did the talk go?

  33. Nice outfit and nice Location!
    The best I've seen today :)

    New post!Come visit!

  34. Lovely combination. I love how the jacket paired with the skirt.

    I hope you manage to find out what you are allergic to so you needn't have to go through more tests. Being allergic to gluten is quite sad coz I love to eat vegetarian gluten products.

  35. hey hun so I read your last post and i dont think you could comment on it but Your mom is right! you are beautiful, talented, sweet, and overall a wonderful person from what I know of you! don't let a someone who is not worthy of your love get you down (I know its hard) but youre amazing girl! xoxo

  36. Mom's aren't always right, but in this case your mom nailed it!!!

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