December 12, 2012

Blue and Black Milk

{Photos via Jtrotti}

Happy 12-12-12. Yesterday I went out with this guy who uses the words "swanky" and "wooo". It's super lame, but he offered to take me to Play Wine & Food, which is a pretty nice restaurant. At the end of the night he got the bill, it was about $75. And when we were leaving I asked him where he parked, he said he takes the bus. I could have offered him a ride as he lives near my place... But it was -15C and I really needed to pee. So I said "okay bye!" and ran off the opposite direction. I know. I'm a bad person... Whatevs, he's a guy, get a car.


  1. wow, her hair. she looks like a mermaid! I need those strip leggings to :)

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  3. Her hair is pretty cool!
    I bet you'd style those leggings very awesome!

  4. Oh my days this is amazing and I absoloutly adore the hair colour, there's something futuristic about the shots!

    Eda ♥

    Lauren's Way Beauty Giveaway on my blog ♥

  5. Lovely photos especially the hair. I love the hair color! =)

    Hmm, about the guy, that's a nice thought of you that you considered offering him a ride. I can really see that you're a gentlelady! ;)

    Ericka from the Philippines

  6. Could be worst... he could have said "Swaggy"

  7. haha definitely a good decision to run off ;)

    and wow this woman is beautiful in bm!! I wish I had blue hair! haha


  8. those pics are so cool! i love the model!

  9. Haha, poor guy, but yes he should have at least borrowed a friend's car if he didn't have one himself! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Ahaha, hey, at least he got the bill xD
    But true, he could've at least borrowed a car or something.

    Trendy Teal

  11. dangit - I just knew that was you in the first pic - so cute!

  12. Did he let you see the bill? A guy should never do that--especially on a first date. The dad in me wants to say something: vocabulary aside, if he turns out to be a nice guy and you have more dates, don't let him guilt you into becoming his chauffeur...or his one-woman loaner car service. Also, the dad in me thinks it's great (and hysterical) that you let him wait for a bus in that temperature. Never let a guy into your car until you know him pretty well.

    You would have looked better than the models in all of those outfits.

  13. If we ever go out for an expensive meal and I spontaneously want to grab the bill, I'm dumping you if you don't drive me back after.

  14. Loving these pics! I love their stuff

  15. LOL you are freaking hilarious xD Aside from that, the hair color of that girl is just amazing!

  16. The blue hair is awesome! I those stripe leggings are really cool!

    lol I guess he's a "woo guy" !

  17. Could've been worse, he could've left you with the bill :D

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