December 26, 2012

My West Coast Skincare

I thought I'd share some beauty products that I packed for the west coast. I've been washing my face once per day due to my oily skin (theory I heard: the more you wash, the more the soap strips the oil, and the more your skin produce the oil) so while I wash my face at night, I only use the Dior Purifying Tonic Lotion in the morning. Then I apply the Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Serium & Moisturizer. The Quercetin & Oak line by Korres is the most effective I've used for my oily skin in terms of oil and shine control. So it's perfect for the extra damp weather here. Then I got my Moroccan Oil to prevent split ends, and Burberry Brit because... it smells nice. That's reason enough.