January 17, 2013

Bragging Rights

{Photos by dad and me; wearing Sheinside swallowtail dress, Vince Camuto booties, Alexander Wang jacket}

My level of sarcasm often correspond with how stupid or corny a question is. Sometimes it comes off me being whitty, other times it scares the crap out of someone. Below actually happened last week on a date:

Guy: "So what's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?"
Me: "Hmm. Getting fingered by my brother while riding a horse. But he doesn't know that I'm his sister, but I do know that he's my brother."
Guy: "Well, that's definitely the craziest story I've heard in my life. Even beats my story of taking pictures for the newspaper in a top secret Jordanian military base while risking imprisonment."

There are so many things wrong with the above conversation. He's obviously not adventurous and just wants to brag to a point that he didn't even care that I'm into incest. Gross.

I hope that he will pass my story to all his friends until the day he tells it to someone outside his group in which they will look at him like a moron and say "dude, that's a scene from Game of Thrones".