January 27, 2013

Texting Fail

Yesterday was one of those nights where watching hockey with some friends at my place turned into a drink fest. We were playing Kings so I was already drunk, and unfortunately got the last king card, which meant I had to chug whatever the previous 3 people who got the king poured into the King's cup. It was a full glass of beer, vodka, coke and rum. It was nasty. I had to use my Asian piano focus on my mouth to not puke.

Eventually I looked like a crack whore with stains on my shirt and smear makeup that no living creature would fine me attractive. After everyone left at 2am, drunk, hideous, and mentally weak, I texted one of my fancies:

Me: "I'm drunk."
Guy: "Why?"
Guy: "It didn't work, what is it?"
Me: "Huh?"
Guy: "You keep sending me picture/video messages"
Me: "I send you nothing of spry stop makeing sens"
Guy: "Make more sense drunky"
Me: "I heart you"

No Reply. I've been told that I scare men and I think that is an understatement. So I did what a woman would do to redeem herself: drunk shopped on ASOS, bought a bunch of shit I didn't need, then past out with my laptop on my bed.

It felt equally satisfying. Rawr.


  1. Drunk texting is the worst. I remember getting into war over my cellphone in a middle of the diner b/c I was drunk texting my ex. It happens to the best of us.


  2. Oh dearie, it pains to
    read your situation like
    this! :c I hope you feel
    alright. Maybe you should
    drink less as well!


  3. It's difficult to imagine a guy not being interested back...I guess that's proof everyone is different--and some have no taste.

    Maybe next time you could be the drinking game commissioner to make sure everyone else follows the rules throughout the night. :)

  4. awww julie. -big hug- i can't imagine why anyone wouldn't be interested in you. you are funny, smart, beautiful and you are so friendly!! he doesn't know what he's losing out on.
    love, xfallenmoon

  5. Drunk texting bad but drunk buying is worse! Satisfying though :D
    I hope you didn't pick up anything you wouldn't want later! Rest easy! ^__^

  6. I hope you feel a lil better now ><

  7. Drunk texting + drunk buying = epic fail but something-to-laugh-about moment afterwards. :P

  8. I hope you're feeling better now. Were your purchases on ASOS at least nice?

  9. I hope you didn't feel TOO bad after that! We recently had a night out and I also had to drink a really disgusting all-mixed-drink because I lost a game :x I have nobody for drunk texting though, only friends who would find it hilariously funny. The fact that you say you usually scare men means you haven't found the right one yet! :D

  10. haha, thats pretty funny. I'm sure you'll find someone who will definitely get you and be there for you even in those awkward moments. Stay strong! :)

  11. Gosh feel better :S confession time - I said a bunch of stuff about a guy that I liked when I was drunk. Like some really sex-driven stuff since I was on my period (gotta love ragey hormones) and I really just.. liked him. Thank god he never found out. Having said that though, I did get myself some jewelry just to feel better. *Sigh* Again, FEEL BETTER. I gots dem guy problems too.

  12. Phahahaha, drunk texting is priceless! If you're the sober side, recieving the text of course. I think, this is better than drunk crying on the phone to your ex, after a night out, on your block's stairs in the dirt, screaming "why dont you love meeee", which I totally didn't do!!!

  13. :) lets shop together with soju on our hands <3

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