February 24, 2013

Nature Nocturne

{Photos by my Blackberry Z10}

A-Rod: "How do I look? If you were a girl, would you be interested?"
T-Dog: "If I was a girl... How big are my boobs?"

That was how the night started at Museum of Nature - Nature Nocturne on Friday night. The event consist turning the museum into a giant night club with two dance floors and DJs. Guests were welcomed to check out the exhibits and enjoy catering and drinks. My favorite was the dinosaur exhibit.

It was one of the most fun events I have been to in Ottawa. It was well organized that there was no wait getting the drinks, food or getting inside, while the staffs were all very pleasant. The crowd consisted mostly young professionals and everyone were there to have a great time. Translation: if you were single, this is your buffet.

The next one is held on March 22nd. I will definitely see you there, Nature Nocturne!