February 10, 2013

Online Dating Fail

Recently I had a talk with one of my best guy friend about online dating. We're both frustrated with Plenty of Fish (POF). I've been on plenty of dates with POF guys, and I definitely see a stereotype that online dates. They generally put the least amount of effort and want the most amount of reward. And the 'least amount of effort' often reflect in other parts of their lives. Especially with free sites like POF, not only they don't want to put in the work, they also don't want to pay. It's the bottom of the barrel:

Me: "Ughhh I HATE POF. Every guy is GYM PUB BEER ACTIVE SPORTS SPORTS. And wtf is with messages of 'I've never had an Asian before, and I want to try', 'Do you date white guys?' and 'Ni-Hao' shit. Freaking morons."
T-Dog: "Mine isn't any better. I got a message from 'SexyCountry24'"
Me: *clicks on her profile* "WOW."
T-Dog: "Welcome to my inbox!"
Me: "Personality: Diva, Interest: bowling, holding hands, romantic men, loyal men, restaurants, dresses, make up, stars, guys who can cook, butterflies, lakes, trucks, country boys... Bracelet making?! Wow, she's a catch.”
T-Dog: "Woo hoo! I could have an entire bracelet collection! She said: 'I was windering if you'd be interested in chatting?'"
Me: "Windering sounds hot. Ask her if it is a type of bracelet making technique."
T-Dog: “I feel like I can just passive-aggressive insult her all day and she wouldn’t get it.”
Me: “I would go on a date just to passive-aggressive insult her… and I just realized that I need a life after saying that.”
T-Dog: “Yeahhh, we need another hobby aside from crappy dates and POF.”

So there you have it. It's not just us that have it hard, everyone who isn't Jar Jar Binks retarded has it hard when it comes to online dating.


  1. Oh dear. Not all of them are bad :) i met my husband at okcupid.com and he was a great catch! I really liked OK cupid because you answer all these questions and then it "matches" you with like people. B and I have 99% match. He has some horror stories about people he met, but, he was the only person I met from that site, so, turned out well for me?

  2. I actually met my boyfriend through someone that I met on Plenty of Fish haha, I always tell people that you can luck into finding a date on there, but really its the hilarious stories that you get that you can laugh about with your friends that is what's really good about the site.

  3. Interesting post honney! I've never tried the internet dating because i think there are too many liers on this kind of sites and the guys that use to be there are not my type. Maybe you'll have more luck next time... or maybe you should try elsewhere.

    Good luck ;)


  4. Maybe windering is a type of bracelet making technique xD Bahahaha, that girl would be fun to go on a date with huh?

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  5. So happy to know I'm not the only one!!

  6. I met my husband on POF, but until I met him my dating stories were worse than yours.

  7. I have to say, I dated two guys from online dating once and they were sweet guys! Just didn't click... I had a good time laughing at the conversation you pictured so thank you for that! Although I met nice guys, I never had luck with online dating, it's too forced to get into a relatonship. I met my boyfriend when I was too upset with other guys and stopped caring having a boyfriend or not. Good luck for you! :)

  8. hahaha, this text is so funny!! :D

  9. I've never tried online dating but it works for some people! One of the best dates I've been on is with a guy I met at a club. Crazy, I know but we really hit it off!

  10. Awww sorry you had such bad experiences. I've known a few people for whom it has worked, some even got married, but I've always been more the type to go out to places where I would be likely to find guys with similar interests, no matter how silly those places may be, and wait until the right guy just hits me in the face. Few of my example places; sailing classes, ballroom dancing socials, attending church (not all people that go there are crazy-religious types), swimming classes, maybe even some zumba! xD Hope that helps!

    love, x
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  11. I have to say I think you're so brave to go on POF - I have a phobia of online dating. Mainly because my lovely friend went on a date with a normal-seeming paramedic, only to find that he was a crazy S&M "consultant" on the side. He gave her his business card! Hahaha oh my.

    Also, to placate my friends who tried to convince me it would be fine, I did up an eharmony profile (later deleted because...) and my supposedly "most perfect match in the whole universe" was a squashy looking teacher who listed his three passions in life as "LARP-ing, Playing (insert online roleplaying game here) and blogging about (insert online roleplaying game here). If that is my perfect man I would rather be single, for sure. Hence my healthier than normal skepticism about online dating.

    That said? I have multiple friends who have found actual spouses - as in, they are married with kids - through online dating so apparently it is possible.

  12. As long as they don't know where you live, count it as an on-line dating win. :)

  13. ROFL!!!
    So, why not date your "best guy friend"? Just a thought :)

  14. Any thoughts of online dating that I may have ever had you have killed and I think I should thank you for that. Hope you find someone amazing soon!

  15. AND this is why I'll never try online dating again. Too many guys wanting to see how submissive and geisha-like I can be. If they actually met an Asian women in real life, they'd know how UNsubmissive they really are.

  16. How about checking out" How about we"? You come up with some date ideas, and people interested can message you! I think it's much more interesting than the traditional dating sites.

  17. At least you don't get guys masturbating in front of camera, or sending photos of their precious dick...These are a real catch!

  18. Wow! People actually say that kinda stuff?

  19. Hahah this seriously
    made up my Monday :P
    Nice name your guy
    friend have 'T-Dog'!


  20. Haha, oh my! And one of her interests is "stars". Does she means the ones in the sky, or celebrities!?

    xo, Yi-chia

  21. Omg, I can't stop laughing! The wonders on online dating. My brother, and best friend have tried POF. Too funny. Sounds interesting though.

  22. OMG....too funny! Perhaps it's time to just dump POF and fish the paid sites...;-)

  23. I know that many people have found their mates on POF, but I had the absolute worst experience on there. Sifting through all of the inane, misspelled messages was exhausting. And don't even get me started on the dates :s It definitely didn't improve my faith in humanity.

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca