February 10, 2013

Online Dating Fail

Recently I had a talk with one of my best guy friend about online dating. We're both frustrated with Plenty of Fish (POF). I've been on plenty of dates with POF guys, and I definitely see a stereotype that online dates. They generally put the least amount of effort and want the most amount of reward. And the 'least amount of effort' often reflect in other parts of their lives. Especially with free sites like POF, not only they don't want to put in the work, they also don't want to pay. It's the bottom of the barrel:

Me: "Ughhh I HATE POF. Every guy is GYM PUB BEER ACTIVE SPORTS SPORTS. And wtf is with messages of 'I've never had an Asian before, and I want to try', 'Do you date white guys?' and 'Ni-Hao' shit. Freaking morons."
T-Dog: "Mine isn't any better. I got a message from 'SexyCountry24'"
Me: *clicks on her profile* "WOW."
T-Dog: "Welcome to my inbox!"
Me: "Personality: Diva, Interest: bowling, holding hands, romantic men, loyal men, restaurants, dresses, make up, stars, guys who can cook, butterflies, lakes, trucks, country boys... Bracelet making?! Wow, she's a catch.”
T-Dog: "Woo hoo! I could have an entire bracelet collection! She said: 'I was windering if you'd be interested in chatting?'"
Me: "Windering sounds hot. Ask her if it is a type of bracelet making technique."
T-Dog: “I feel like I can just passive-aggressive insult her all day and she wouldn’t get it.”
Me: “I would go on a date just to passive-aggressive insult her… and I just realized that I need a life after saying that.”
T-Dog: “Yeahhh, we need another hobby aside from crappy dates and POF.”

So there you have it. It's not just us that have it hard, everyone who isn't Jar Jar Binks retarded has it hard when it comes to online dating.