February 14, 2013

Totally Unexpected

{Persona bracelet; Photo by me}

Three weeks ago while at a bar:

Elissa: "What are you doing on Valentines Day?"
Me: "Myself. Because I'm as single as fuck."
Elissa: "Oh, well I'm working night shift on Valentines Day this year so I won't be alone! Yay!"
Me: "Ya okay because spending Valentines Day with a terminally ill patient is so much better. It'd be hilarious if they die on you and you end up spending it alone."

Two random guys behind us turned around and gave me a look as if I just drowned a crate of new born kittens.

Elissa: "HAHAHAHA"
Me: "Well, I just blew it for the both of us... On to the next bar!"

They weren't good looking anyway.

BUT, I got asked out on Valentines Day last week. It was very unexpected. Unexpected in that 3 weeks ago I was so very single, and unexpected in that I had zero expectations meeting him to a point where I didn't even bother to do my hair or put on a fresh pair of jeans... Yet we unexpectedly clicked and now I have a date tonight.

I'll be wearing this Persona heart bracelet tonight. It's my new lucky charm. Yo.

"Did you know the iconic heart shape isn't based on an actual human heart, it's based on what a woman's ass looks like bending over." - Amy Farrah Fowler, Big Bang Theory


  1. I love that bracelet - so freaking cute! Have a great day. xxx

  2. So cuuuuute that you have a date! aw! Have a great day (:
    Super cute bracelet!

  3. ahwww, i hope you will have a lovely day with your valentine :D

  4. Awesome bracelet, and hilarious story!

    Juliette Laura

  5. Then have a really nice date!! I'm sure it will go well ;)


  6. I hope you have fun tonight!

    You just scored major awesome-ness points by quoting Amy Farrah-Fowler.

  7. I think that's his lucky charm...I guess it depends who you think is the lucky one. :)
    Happy Valentine's Day J, have fun!

  8. BAHAHAHA!!! great story. Have fun tonight ;)


  9. The unexpected ones are the best ones! Have fun!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Haha, on to the next bar! xD
    Hey, at least you've got a date though. Have fun ;)

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  11. Good luck~! Hopefully you won't find a way to sabotage this date!! Hehehe .. just kidding~ sorta ...

  12. Awww - hope you have a great time tonight :) Kudos to the guy who's confident enough to take a girl out on a first date on Valentine's Day!

  13. Hahaha you're hilarious! Enjoy your date tonight :)

  14. "I had zero expectations meeting him to a point where I didn't even bother to do my hair or put on a fresh pair of jeans..."
    That is exactly how I felt for my first date with my now husband..........It happens when you least expect it :) Good luck tonight!

  15. Have fun on your date! People always meet in the most unexpected ways. You dream up something like meeting someone when you look put together but they ask you out when you're doning something you'd wear in front of girlfriends :p BUT i am sure you were smokin' even in yesterday's jeans!!!!!! :P

  16. Good luck on your date. I hope it goes well and he doesn't mess up! I'm so crossing my fingers!!! Thinking of you! :D

  17. Haha, have fun on your date! Good luck ;D

    <3 Rubiiee

  18. LOL, gotta love V day. Btw, it's non existent when you're my age.

  19. HAHA.. Dates are fun. They feed you no matter how good the date is. I'm spending Valentines alone >.>, I'm in a long distance relationship.


  20. Hope you had a good time yesterday!


  21. Phahaha, you're pure eeeevil :D Seriously though, what's with all this Valentine hysteria..
    Congrats on the date, can't wait to see how it goes and read your sarcastic comments on it :D

  22. Love that bracelet!Hugs


  23. This is really hilarious. Your conversation at the bar I mean.

    I hope your date went really well!