March 25, 2013


{Photos by Sabrina; wearing Sheinside long sleeve PU leather shirt, Adidas sneakers, Rock & Republic jeans}

I went to see the Senators vs Bruins game a few weeks ago wearing this hat. I love hockey. And for some reason I think this hat goes really well with this Sheinside shirt- I love the leather front.

Recently someone very close to me broke my trust. They have no idea I have been resenting them for it as I decided to cut them out of my life rather than confront them. They're caught up to not think anything is out of the norm and if they did know, they would just blame it on the alcohol anyway. So no need.

There are lines in a friendship and once those lines have been crossed they can't be undone. No one can change what happened no matter what they say or how hard you try. Time heal things and sometimes also destroy the same things. And at the end of it, you know it won't be the same, the trust is gone and the damage is there.

So I'm leaving it the way it is for now.