March 26, 2013

Don't Settle

{Photos via We Heart It, Tumblr}

I'm looking to book a ticket to Taipei this August. I lived in Taipei for 12 years. It's my hometown. But going there really kills my soul with all my relatives whom I almost never talk to constantly commenting on things such as how I should get a Phd, how I need to eat more, how I need to start thinking of my life instead of constantly having fun, how I need to get married before I get too old...

I swear when people are bored with themselves their hobbies become invading others' personal boundaries and judging their lives for no apparent reason.

“Don’t settle. Don’t finish crappy books. If you don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you’re not on the right path, get off it.”


  1. Game of thrones was such a good book. I saw season one and really enjoyed it--but the book is SO MUCH BETTER. seriously GRRM is the like the best writer in the world. Have you read the book?

    Don't let your relatives get you down! they don't know you. Its your life, not theirs. I tell my husband this, because his mom and dad are ALWAYS telling him what to do. They even told him to leave me, because I was "too silly" and "not domesticated enough" you can imagine how livid I was. Its hard, because as a part of their family my husband feels like he has a duty to respect them and make them happy.

  2. ^ woah another Carolyn!

    Anyways, I don't have quite the same issue as you with my relative telling me how to live my life, but it I did I can see how it can be irritating and frustrating. Let me be!!

  3. Relatives can be a pain in
    the butt sometimes yes...
    I guess they are worrying
    about you.
    Ah! I love the red panda c:
    So adorable!


  4. All I can think of is.....WORD UP!!! Sista, live.and!!!!

  5. Ha, family! I've been lucky, only my dad and one sister gave me that treatment. Every decision I made was wrong....where to work, where to go to school, where to live, getting married. Actually, my dad is the only one who said things to me. My sister said them to everyone else about me. So it was annoying, but not soul bashing.

    Funny story...when my dad criticized my school choice, I told him I'd be happy to go to his school if someone wanted to pay the difference in tuition. He immediately disappeared behind the newspaper. LOL!

    Know that what you're doing is right for you and try to be amused by the people who think they know better.

  6. Lord Disick is so funny. Oh my goodness, that quote of his. Cool collection of photos and have fun in Taiwan!

  7. I miss Taiwan. OMG, I can't wait for Game of Thrones! Are you as excited as me? :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  8. Lol, it's an Asian thing I concluded. Enjoy the night market's food, take lots of food pics, hehehe.

  9. Love this post!

  10. Yeah! With a passion baby! Life is so short to be bothered by distractors. Take it in and let it out on the other ear :)

  11. Fist bump on the family. I don't know why, but somehow being related to someone, and not even from sharing genetic material, people assume that they have a right to intrude upon your life. That's something that I want to break free from. Being constrained by the people who as family, are supposed to support you. And even if they're more strangers than family, they still don't have a right to put you down. I am going to be who I am, and for myself. My own sanity, my own happiness, my own future. Not for some people who just happened to share a few genetic traits.

  12. Agreed! I know that kind of people too (in Finland, they're many times called anonymous blog commenters,lol :D), but in the past couple of years, I've learned to not care about what those people think. It's not their call whether I do this or that, not their call if I eat enough or don't, not their call whether I marry someone or don't.

    You need to live your life the way it makes you happy. It's absolutely too short to spend on pleasing others, but I bet you've figured that out already ;) xo

  13. So you are actually Taiwanese! o.o Whoa that's awesome. My godfamily are Taiwanese hahaha. But seriously, life's too short to spend it on pleasing others, like how Johanna wisely word it and like she said, you've already got that one figured out so live life to the fullest the way you want it. Just make sure you don't get into any tight ends and everything is fine <3 I wanna go to Taipei next year, during winter. August is just too warm because where I come from, I've had too much of sun >D

  14. Great photos! Ah I know what you mean, sometimes relatives may think it's okay to just mind our business and whatnot, but I'm sure it's because they care! I'm looking to go to Taiwan mid year actually, I hear the food there is amazing! :D

  15. Oh Tyrion, I love you! If only you could just go to Taipei with your eyes open and your ears closed, know what I mean? :)

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  16. hi sweetie..
    oh dear. i know how does it feel. come back to hometown and face the reality that we are getting older and we have to think about future. me too.
    i just came back to my hometown and my relatives keep telling me that i should back to my study and get my master degree. and they ask me to get married too! but how do i get married? i dont even have a boyfriend (i broke up last year after 4 years relationship). but yeah haha i still do what i wanna do.
    good luck dear. cheryl was right. you should go to Taipei with your eyes open and your ears closed.


  17. Phaha, absolutely! And it's not just about their boring lives either, people love to control others and make them live the way, they think it's RIGHT. If I had to listen to my mother, I should be with a baby right now, thank God I have more brains than that :D

  18. I know I'm not on the right path, but how do I get off, and where is the new path so I can hop on???