March 18, 2013

Keep Writing

{Photos by Alyssa; wearing Jacob tweed moto jacket, BCBG bag, American Apparel pants, Nine West heels}

Moto jacket from Jacob. Perfect thickness for this spring-like weather. You see dusts of snow I see piles of cocaine. Okay not funny. But it sort of is.

I've had this blog for 3 years now. It has been through many phases. It goes from bubble gum and unicorns to a bitchfest. It goes from pictures of pretty dresses to porn in seconds. Blogging is so much fun.

But that's how most of us are. If you aren't being bombarded with ideas, reflections, stress and stimulation on a regular basis then you need a more interesting life. And I think that's why people have blogs- to use as an communication outlet, to use as an escape from our daily routine, or a chance to vicariously be someone we can't be outside the internet.

I've heard many bloggers say that blogging has changed their life, and it has changed mine too, for the better. Just don't forget to live your real life though.