March 4, 2013

Kingston Run

{Photos by T-Dog and me; wearing Vince Camuto blouse, J Brand jeans, Nella Bella bag}

T-Dog: "So I'm going to Kingston tomorrow to give this girl a ride to Ottawa."
Me: "Wow, that's nice of you."
T-Dog: "Yeah, I've only met her once and we were drunk and hooked up. It will be an awkward 2 hour ride back."

So being a good friend that I am, I ended up going to Kingston for the day and talked about Twilight, Build-A-Bear, and boys for the 2 hour car ride back while she carried her pet rabbit in a cardboard box on her lap. Random. I know. Kingston is a charming town though. And the sunny day matched my sunny J Brand and vegan Nella Bella bag. I was a damn freaking walking ray of sunshine.