March 11, 2013

We Are Only As Good As Our Actions

{Photos by Alyssa; Both bracelets from Persona, fully customized with trinklets and bracelet size}

We wake up every day and are confronted with hundreds of decisions to make. There are no right or wrong decisions, just consequences. You can do the convenient thing, or you can do what takes more effort but ultimately gives you more gain.

No one says you have to go to university, get a career job, buy a house, a car, get married, have kids. Your parents might say that you should do these things, but you don't have to. No one is putting a gun to your head.

You could skip university, get a job that barely supports you and have no retirement plan. You could just look pretty and find a man who will take care of your financial needs. You could quit your job, do cocaine and rely on the welfare system. You can never take on anymore responsibility than you have to, only do what you like and quit when fun becomes work.

Ultimately it is your decision. But know that we are fortunate to live where the government subsidizes education, as well provides healthcare and all sorts of welfare. We are fortunate to live in a country without wars, minimum corruption, where our social hierarchy does not determine our fate, and that hard work leads to reward.

Therefore every action you take defines who you are. And you are responsible for who you are and what you do.

So count your blessings, and make the best of it.


  1. Lovely post, yes they are no wrong or right decision but concequences :)
    Looking cool on denim shirt, whatever the trends denim is always bestfriend

  2. I loved your text, you are so right. Everything that we do is (mostly) our choice... (:
    I like this denim shirt!

  3. I guess I can say that I'm lucky enough that even though my country is considered to be a third world country, I never grew up in its poverty-stricken areas and my parents have really worked hard to give me a good future.

    True. We can never blame anyone for whatever shit may happen in our lives. It is, after all, our own decisions. The shitty things I've done in the past have actually helped me become a better version of me. And although I kind of regret some of it, there's no one to blame but me and I've actually turned out quite well because of those shitty stuff.

    This is a great post, indeed. :)

  4. I really like your outfit.

    I think that we are supposed to do the best with what we are given. I will say I really despise people that sit around on their butt and take my hard earned tax dollars to buy pizza and soda and do nothing. I think that is sad. If we give people everything for free, and don't expect them to repay us, and don't have a relationship with them, how will we ever motivate them to DO anything with their lives? I'm not trying to say I have every answer, and I know some people need help--but I hate those that abuse the system.

  5. Definitely agree with u that 'There are no right or wrong decisions, just consequences'

    love the denim

  6. OMG! I love it! simple but a statement style! esp the studded boots <3
    So stylish <3


  7. So true -only consequences. Motivation to study!! Great post and great outfit :)

  8. You look great in this casual outfit. It's important to always count your blessings!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  10. Great words of wisdom in this post. Love the beanie and the shoes too.

  11. love your words on this post! and you look amazing as always ;)

  12. I so agree with the tittle, loved it

    You look great with this laid back look, take care!

  13. NOW you tell me!!! I was raised to embrace every responsibility I could get my hands on (If I didn't do it, who would???). But I could have lived my childhood dream of being a hobo.


    Too late now...maybe in the next life. :)

    1. PS - I didn't misunderstand the post--I was just being me. :)

  14. This sounds like your life manifesto right here. ;-)

  15. No doubt, I agree with you. :)

  16. wow! powerful i love it! i didn't have such an epiphany until this year, when i realized that my decisions affect me only and i shouldn't live my life based on peoples suggestions because they wouldn't suffer the consequences, only i will!

    ps i love ur shoes and denim top!!

  17. I 100% agree with this. My pet hate is those that act as though they think the world owes them something, that sit around & whine that their life is rubbish & things aren't fair, when they do nothing to help make it into the kind of life they want. They really don't know how lucky they are & how good they have it compared to others in less fortunate countries.
    As always great outfit too & I still want those boots! :)

  18. I love your simple outfit! And I agree with what you said about being responsible for yourself!

  19. Super love your shirt :D :D :D

  20. You are absolutely right about counting the blessings. Reading your post makes me smile =) You guys are really really fortunate on being subsidised for education. Here, not everyone are able to go to the local university unless you are so darn good in grades OR you are the native descendant or Muslim descendant, then one will most definitely be picked to further their studies if they chose to. Else, you better hope that your parents are able to afford private school educations or studying abroad (which I did). That is the reason why I'm always very grateful for my parents and will always be thankful to have such blessings.

  21. soooo stunnin as allways, dear)))) xx

  22. You're outfit is so lovely! Casual but exactly what I could wear daily!
    Love the beannie too ♥
    Also, I really love your posts, I think we all have to make our own decisions, and then assume the consequences :)

  23. Well said! && love those shoes!