March 22, 2013

Why Is It Always About You

{Photos via Studded Hearts, Julia Trotti, We Heart It}

I woke up late today. My stomach feels weird and my hair is flat. Thank goodness it's Friday.

Remember that person who made you miserable and you thought you couldn't live without? Well look at you, happy, living and shit. La-de-da. As clique as it sounds, maybe it's really not you it's them.

"Sometimes it seems as if the world is full of selfish people who have no thought for others except how to use them for their own purposes. Their needs are more important than anyone elses', and they expect to be accommodated in all things. They can't seem to see the bigger picture, or to comprehend why they might not always come first. Their expectations have an almost childlike quality, yet they can be tyrannically outraged or pitifully depressed when thwarted. Often, we give in to them because it seems safer not to rock their boat." 
-"Why Is It Always About You", Sandy Hotchkiss