March 23, 2013

Winter Serendipities

{Photos taken with Blackberry Z10}

So far 2013 has been great. I've been going to a bunch of NHL games because they're so much fun and what else do you do at -20C outside other than drinking and hanging out with bffs.

Ottawa isn't a typical city where you can just walk down the streets and find something. You have to put effort into having fun. You have to research and have the right crowd. As well, it's very difficult to meet people in Ottawa due to its conservative nature and freezing winter. It's honestly a horrible place for the young and singles.

While I'm here solely because of my job opportunity, I'm lucky to have met such great people here. Being single and having no relatives in the city, I'd probably have hung myself out of boredom and misery if I didn't have these incredible people in my life.