April 26, 2013

Tulum Ruins, Mexico

Tulum was a Mayan city built on cliffs and it served as a major port for Coba. Today it only consist rocky remains and a place for me to drink fresh coconut juice. I wish I can say more about Tulum but it was really hot that day to pay attention...

Spring in Mexico is very different than the spring in Canada. I'm not used to walking around in shorts and tanks in April but I do love my denim and jeans so I'm not complaining. This pair of dyed shorts was my favorite last year and still my favorite now. I wore it a lot in Mexico. It's a nice twist on regular denims like the print jeans and colored jeans. Jeans in all colors is definitely an ongoing trend, and by the way, I'm eyeing these skinny camo ones as well. Jeans go well with most clothes like barbeque sauce goes well most food.