April 6, 2013

Watches And Accessories

I love collecting accessories that sometimes when I go through my stash pieces appear new to me as I have so much. I love beanies, as seen from most of my lookbook pictures lately. They're stylish and great for covering roots. Scarves are also a must as Ottawa gets freaking cold. Most times a hat, scarf and handbag is more than enough for accessorizing. Especially when sometimes if you have too much on it seems kind of Snoop Dogg. I always think that you just want the accessories to be just noticeable instead of looking like you’re hoping into a Cadalic going to a pool party with a fur coat... Unless you are in that sort of thing.

Watches are a good example of style meeting function. Brands like Patek Philippe, Omega or deliver well-designed pieces that I have fallen in love at first sight. They’re definitely a good investment, especially given how timeless and classic they are. Looking at secondhand rolex prices is also great for affordability as each watch come with great warranty and dealer service. Most days I still rely on my watch for time instead of pulling out my cellphone. It’s almost like my version of a zen bracelet.