May 6, 2013

Offically A Couple

{Photos via Tumblr, Pinterest}

So I'm dating someone, still the same person back on Valentines day. Things are great, it hasn't been that long but we're into each other, and he makes me happy. Then I had a talk with a girlfriend and she brought this up: What makes a couple officially a couple?

I used to think that you don't need the talk, until last year when I dated a guy whom I always had a great time with until I brought it up. He said he had "commitment issues" and "needed more time". So I gave him months. But turned out he was looking to move but didn't tell me because he liked having someone around meanwhile. Some people are just that selfish and inconsiderate.

So, I learned that a talk is needed.

Then there's the relationship status on Facebook. I think it's cute. But a status update isn't going to make a relationship anymore solid if you're looking for relationship reassurance. You hear people being unfaithful on Facebook all the time.

I had a fight with an ex because I wouldn't put myself in a relationship with him on Facebook. To me, why should the whole world know? And how many Facebook friends are actually real friends? Most people are just nosy. Eventually I changed it because it was important to him. That was 5+ years ago, my relationship status has been undisclosed since.

For those lovey-da couples on facebook...

Everyone secretly make fun of your public pet name calling and flirting wall posts. Everyone roll their eyes at your 1000th wedding photo you post from your wedding almost a year ago. Do you have nothing going on other than your relationship? Are you that possessive that you need to mark yourself all over someone? Do you think Prince William and Kate Middleton ever did things like that in public? No, because they're classy.

And for those that go from "in a relationship" to "complicated" to "single" back to "in a relationship" with updates of "I love being single!" to "Had a great weekend with (name of guy supposedly broke up with)!" to "Finally got rid of the drama!" all in a span of a few weeks... Stop Taylor-Swift-Embarrassing yourself. I'm embarrassed for you when you show up on my Newsfeed.

I don't know where I'm getting at with this post. I guess what I'm trying to say is that one day when I find my status become "in a relationship" on Facebook, I know my shit just got serious.