May 16, 2013


{Photos via Tumblr, Julia Trotti, We Are Handsome}

Lately I've been wondering about the future. I've never pictured myself staying in Ottawa. I get bored doing the same things. And when I stay bored for a while I get depressed. I can't imagine having the same job for an extended amount of time.

So every once in a while I apply for jobs outside the city. And now that the possibility of moving out of Ottawa is there, I feel that I want to stay for a little bit longer? For one, the thought of moving all my furniture and renting out my house just stress me out. And maybe I'm actually more hasty and less gutsy than I thought.

All I know is there are too many trashy morning talk shows and Judge __(insert name here)__, and I think eventually I will end up where I am suppose to be.