June 19, 2013


{Photos by Sabrina; wearing vintage denim jacket, Rebecca Minkoff bag, DIY friendship bracelets}

Sometimes I think we take each other granted. I think a lot of issues arise with the lack of appreciation we have for each other. Do you ever feel that you can do a thousand things right, but people only pay attention when you screw up? And sometimes a screw up is all it takes to end a relationship or a friendship, but most times we get so caught up that we blow a minor screw up into something bigger than it is.

You know the moment when meet your friend and your friend greets you with a tea, or your dad calls you to make sure you are eating well, or maybe your guy take the time to shave his beloved beard because he knows you prefer it that way, or maybe your colleague offer to cover your remaining shift when you are feeling ill so you can leave... It's those unexpected moments that all you feel is the good and the appreciation. I think that's one of life's greatest pleasures.