June 12, 2013

Being A 20 Something

{Photos via We Heart It, Tumblr, Girls}

I randomly got really sad the other day. Maybe it was because I was tired, maybe it is because of my current ambiguities, or maybe it was just PMS?

Whatever the reason was, I did feel better after I cried and showered. And I've been meaning to compile this list below for some time.

Being in our generation is a blessing because: 

1. We read the whole coupon, especially the fine prints. We honor and obey those fine prints even if it means not getting the discount instead of throwing a fit in public or blaming it on something or someone else. We know "the font is too small" is an invalid excuse.

2. We know if something is too good to be true, it's too good to be true. We know BOGO sales aren't always that great of a deal, and it will take a very long time before we send the Nigerian Prince our banking information over e mail.

3. We keep up with our knowledge. We don't dismiss new things because it is irrelevant as we didn't "grow up with it". We keep up to date with learning the newest technology, taking additional classes and using various learning resources in our free time. Because we know knowledge is valuable.

4. We know how to tough it out. As much as the older generation accuse us of bumming around and "not getting real jobs", we know we are trying [meanwhile patiently wait for their retirement], and we are not going to settle for something we know we will eventually hate just for the sake of having a "grown up job".

5. We are open and accepting of different cultures, lifestyles, and sexualities. Sure, there definitely can still be improvements, but think of how our grandparents view those things compare to us, we are blessed that civilization has come this far!

6. The internet. We saw it evolve from our shitty Angelfire Boy Bands Fanpage to the monster of what it is today.

You have so many good qualities and so much potential. On top of it, you have friends and family that support you no matter what path you choose or how hard you fall. So keep your head high, you're beautiful.