June 27, 2013

Clouded Judgements

I wish I can change my feelings. Feelings are intangible monsters that can overtake our belief in and cloud our logic. I probably would have accomplished more if I wasn’t so busy dealing with my feelings. 

I wish I am less conscious when talking about myself. I wish I can senselessly blab about me and inflate my accomplishments like I’m the most amazing person when I need to. Then maybe more opportunities would be presented to me.

I wish I can just take what I need from others. I wish I could take advantage of situations where I take advantage of the other person even if they aren’t aware. Then I would have more time and resources to do what I want to do.

I wish I can quantify everything by a price. Quantifying decisions would make life so much easier.

Alas, it is true that the lack of money can make you unsatisfied, money alone can’t satisfy you. I had a taste of it not too long ago and I was freaking miserable.

But I can’t help how I feel and how I react. And some things I do are unexplainable to others but they make sense to me. Or maybe these are things I need to learn. I don’t know.


  1. I agree with you: I wish I could decide what to feel, because some feelings make you feel so sad, so miserable and you can't explain why.

    Have a nice day darling!!


  2. Agreed. You have so much wisdom... Sometimes, I wish I could change how I feel, or at least explain to people how I feel.
    Juliette Laura

  3. We all have those days when we wish we could change how we feel!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Everything seems to induce stress and makes things more difficult. I need to learn to let go and take things as they come. It's hard!
    <3 Carolyn

  5. But, you are an amazing person. You shouldn't have to explain that. You'll be walking in sunshine before you know it.

  6. Nice post, sometimes you really cannot hide what you feel. Alas, it's better to blurt it out (with your family or closest friends) than to keep it inside you (or else you will just go insane!)



  7. I feel you! But as long as you know what you're going through, you'll be able to address it and move on :)