June 3, 2013

Corny Romance

{Photos via Tumblr, Wildfox, We Are Handsome}

I finally saw a full episode of The Bachlorette for the first time ever. It was enjoyable. Desiree seems cute and sincere. I found it comical that she eliminated the doctor and the two lawyers in the first episode. From my exes, the doctor and the lawyer were also the most aloof and drove me the most crazy. It's actually amazing how book smart yet socially retarded some people are.

But I have always liked cheesy romance movies and music.

I like mindless romantic comedies and I listen to Dashboard Confessional, Goo Goo Dolls, Taylor Swift and all those sap music. Except Glee. I hate Glee. It's too much sap for me. I work my ass off and make my own money. I don't rely on my parents and I have never let or need my boyfriend financially support me. My love life has never been at all like Disney movies, all of the guys in my past has majorly let me down in some way.

The guys on Bachlorette may be actors, but it's nice to believe in old school romance. It's nice to see knights in shining armor, and it's nice to see the guy putting the girl first and it's nice to see any guy go out of his way to make their girl happy.

Sometimes that's all a girl needs to see, and for us to be reminded that we can't give up on people because a few bad apples ruined it for us.