June 14, 2013


{Photos by Alyssa; wearing ASOS leather skirt, Halston Heritage clutch, Kenneth Cole heels, River Island mint blouse}

On a blog, you can choose what to post and who you want to be. It's easy, as no one knows you in real life, except if you go to Mexico with them as a blind blogger date (Hi Danielle). I think that's why most people blog. It's fun like that. And there's nothing wrong using blog as a form of escape, as long as you differentiate the blog world from the reality and you stay true to your values.

So for this post, I'm going to share with you that I binge ate 3 chocolate chip cupcakes before these photos because I was really hungry and grabbed the most convenient thing on my counter top.

After the photos Alyssa and I grabbed a coffee and hung out. Then I went home, threw on my sweat pants and watched Game of Thrones.

I thought I'd share that, instead of: This is what I wore to a local fru fru cafe where Alyssa and I had over priced lattes and organic biscuits [while looking this fabulous obviously].

Both statements are true: one is very much fluffed while the other is what it is. And I'm a believer of stating what it is to be true. I can't control what others think but when I look at my past posts, I know exactly how I felt and what I believed in. And I think that's important in a personal lifestyle blog. Have a great weekend!