June 10, 2013

Weekend Attire

{Photos by Alyssa; wearing Jacob moto jacket, Club Monaco shirt, ASOS beanie, Vince Camuto booties}

I'm taking the day off and chilling at home. I'm looking forward to spending the day in bed, including eating burritos in bed and writing this post in bed, maybe go for a walk later in this comfy jacket. Big smile :D

There was a toddler at the restaurant last night who kept on grabbing the credit card machine from his mom. The mom kept on apologizing to me. I just smiled and said "it's okay, when he gets his own bank account this will never happen again".

It's funny how when we're little all we wanted was to be grown up.
“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor.”


  1. Live your hat! And the colorful background is really neat! Have a great day off work, sometimes we all need that!

  2. Love your hair! It looks so flowy and bouncy! The jacket is so gorgeous; I'm glad that you have time to unwind! Goodness knows my summer hols can't come soon enough! x

  3. so lovely look n post!!! <3 u sweety))) xoxo

  4. Ah, you got the perfect gust of wind in pic 2 :) Your hair looks really nice!

  5. You look really pretty in your weekend outfit. It's so true, when I was little all I wanted to be was 25, haha. I thought that was the coolest age.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Ahh the weekend its not long enough haha, I love the blazer and in the pics the wind is just hitting your hair at the right angle =)

  7. Love that beanie! It's gotten to hot and humid here to wear jeans, jackets and hats. :[
    <3 Carolyn

  8. I didn't get the line about "never happen again" right away, it had to sneak up on me. Then I laughed. Then I realized my gender had been insulted. Then I laughed some more!!! Where do you get these burritos??? I want to try that too.

    PS - Please let all of this be a dream! :)

  9. It sounds so great :)) kids are always want to grow up !! Hhee

  10. These photos are lovely! Great location!

    Juliette Laura

  11. Lovely post, you look good!

    xo june.

  12. in love with your hair and outfit <3

    xx Michelle


  13. You're glowing! I love the setting and the colors! Hope you take a good rest then! I've been working for six days straight and now I finally have two days off! ^^

  14. True. When I was little all I ever wanted was to go work on an office like my mom 'cos I've always thought it was cool that all she does was type and look at papers and stuff. I wanted to have that plastic card which seems to have the power to get you whatever it is that you want. I wanted to fit in to those stilettos, go out and smoke, drink and party... And now that I'm grown up (oh, well, early 20's) I just wanna relax, savor each moment in my life, be with my family, stop spending so much on things I don't really need and avoid getting a credit card because God knows how much of an impulsive shopper I am.

    BTW, love that casual outfit of yours. Still looking gorgeous as ever! :)


  15. Yup, people are never satisfied with their current situation. (I just remembered that jackass "THE SITUATION" from Jersey Shore, don't know why, blah)
    Anyways, you look so adorable!

    Eating burritos in bed, good times!

  16. hahahaha!! At this moment I'm also in bed, commenting some posts in bed and having breakfast in bed ;)
    BTW, love your shoes :D


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  17. Been forever but happy to be back on your blog. You're cute as ever! :)

  18. i love the beanie and your jacket
    the story is so cute but true little kids always wanna be grown up haha just like how little girls always trot around in heels !


  19. Cool photos and I love your jacket! Haha, I like your response to the mother too.

  20. in love with that moto jacket!! you look so comfy & chic!!

  21. Love the neon beanie!

    Brittany at DigitallyLUX

  22. Lovely look, the jacket is my favorite piece of it

  23. Hmmm. I want to be comedy... but I think I'm somewhere in between dream and game. If I were a single working mom, it might be tragedy? If you lose the game that could be tragic too.

  24. Love the bright background and beanie!

  25. And it also happens that when you're finally a grown up, living by yourself you start looking back and wantin to go back to the times your parents support you and you where in scool, cause everything seems so easy hahahah Ironic.

    Great location.

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