June 5, 2013

Wheel of Horses

{Photos by Sabrina; wearing vintage Hermes blouse, Chanel bag, Urban Outfitters hat}

When I get bored I call my dad. He's one of few who I can rant to and doesn't charge me by the hour. Ha. It's true.

My new [female] tenant moved in last night. I found new dents on my walls from her moving her furniture. I got very sad.

why would someone rent a furnished bedroom and pay the furnished bedroom price, disassemble all the furniture in that room, and reassemble their own furniture for the room?

Sigh. Why do people make situations more complicated than it has to be? 

I came across this quote and yup, I've seen it happen to me. It's something I need to work on.

“Extreme situations don’t change us, they reveal us. But the worst is when we can’t even see what we’ve allowed ourselves to become – or rather, we can’t see what parts of ourselves we’ve allowed to grow out of control. It can happen to anyone.”