July 3, 2013

On The Bridge

{Photos by Sabrina; wearing Zara trousers, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Banana Republic hat, Club Monaco shirt}

Had a great Canada Day extra long weekend. I've taken a liking of loose fitting shirts with fun pants lately. The weather here has been pretty crappy to actually dress like summer.

My dad called me yesterday asking if I got his mail. I said I only check my mailbox once per month. He was surprised and asked why, as my mailbox is 10 feet from my house. I said that the only letter mail I get are bills, and I'm not very enthused to pay them before the due dates. Also, when I was 10, I wrote to YTV that I really liked their shows. YTV never replied. So I've concluded that nothing good comes out of the mailbox and I will only deal with it minimally.

I'm aware that my logic is flawed somehow, but until YTV write me back or one of my utilities stop working, it will continue to be once per month.